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about pedie

Painting for Pedie Wolfond is a meditative act. Wolfond paints her enormous canvases on the floor of her studio, kneeling, reaching, and stretching to methodically apply layers of acrylic washes to the surface. Wolfond says she often visualizes a painting before she begins as she floods the surface with luscious and vibrant hues. Beginning her painting career in the 1950s, Wolfond’s work came of age with the Colour Field and Abstract Expressionist movements.  Throughout her 60 years of painting she has maintained a language of luminous depth and dancing veils of colour as she continues to challenge her explorations in paint.

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Armel Corporation
Arthur Andersen & Co.
Baycrest Hospital
Bayshore Trust Company
Building Systems Inc.
Burnac Developments Limited
Chego International Investments
Coopers & Lybrand
Deloitte & Touche
Footprint Software
Four Seasons Hotels
Goodman & Carr
Gordon Textile and Dyers
Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital
MacDonald Stewart Art Centre
Memorial Hospital Jacksonville
Mount Sinai Hospital
Orlando Corporation
Oshawa General Hospital
Pacific Hotels
Pierre Hotel
Princess Margaret Hospital
Ramco Developments Limited
Rescom International Investments Limited
Robins, Appleby & Taub
Sick Kids Hospital
Silver, Brown, Sosnovitch
Sunnybrook Hospital
Toronto General Hospital
Western General Hospital
William Eisenberg and Company
Wolf Film Corporation
Young Wright Associates


Pedie Wolfond: Lumen Catalogue

Released in 2011

The catalogue Lumen was developed in concert with the artist’s current exhibition by the same name at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre. The catalogue reflects the various galleries at the museum, which feature different series or the artists work from the past decade.

Copies of the catalogue are available at the MacDonald Stewart Art Centre, or Lonsdale Gallery, for a purchase cost of $20 CDN.

Pedie Wolfond: Find Your Heart Book 2

Released in 2011

In ‘Find You Heart Book 2′ Wolfond continues her tradition of pairing her heart paintings with inspirational quotations. This book was created not only to spread its positive message, but also to raise funds for polycythemia through the Shilly Rosen Memorial Fund, in honour of the artist’s sister. As well as address traditional themes of love and friendship, the book features quotes about the importance of charitable giving and selflessness.

Find Your Heart book 2 is available through Lonsdale Gallery for a cost of $55 CDN. All proceeds are donated to the Shilly Rosen Memorial Fund. For purchase inquiries, please email info@lonsdalegallery.com

Pedie Wolfond: Find Your Heart Book 1

Released in 2006

‘Find Your Heart’ is a project started by Pedie Wolfond to spread more love and kindness in the world.  In this book, the artist has paired her heart paintings with inspirational quotes about love, friendship and kindness. This limited edition book is available through Lonsdale Gallery for a cost of $100 CDN.

For purchase inquiries, please email info@lonsdalegallery.com


Lonsdale Gallery

Find Your Heart